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With our software and Praze Pack™ you’ll have everything you need to grow your authentic Google reviews fast!

It includes the following:

  • Praze Checklist™
  • Praze Operatory Signs™
  • Google Review Conversation Scripts™
  • Google Review Goal Poster™
  • Patient Testimonial Forms™
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Creating local trust through reviews is as easy as…

At check-in, patients get a Praze Text™ and email from our software with your practice’s branding

This Praze Text™ welcomes the patient and asks them for a positive review if they have a great experience.
Impress patients with your professionally branded Praze Text™ complete with your practice logo.

Make it simple for patients to leave a Google review.

Imagine how many reviews you’d get if each and every patient got a Praze Text™ at check-in!


Modern patients choose dentists they can trust after searching them online and seeing what people are saying about them.

Never worry about getting a negative review again.

With our software you’re able to pick and choose which patients review you, and if someone had a bad experience they’re routed to leave you private feedback vs a public negative review.

Be known as the best local ORAL SURGEON.

By having the most and best reviews on Google, patients will choose you over your competitors and view you as the best oral surgeon in the area.

Leverage Trust™

Fully maximize your positive reviews as well as Praze Trust Badges™ on your website and social media to get the most value from your reviews.

Patients get one last review invite via email after their appointment

This acts as a nice final follow up for those that didn’t leave a review during their visit.

  • Give your patients multiple opportunities to review your practice
  • Email is professionally branded with your logo
  • Gets both quality & quantity reviews 


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“Many people don’t know how to write reviews. Walk your patients through it! Do you have an instruction sheet? Can you help them do it on their phones right then and there? Get it done!”

Dr Howard Farran DDS

Founder DentalTown.com

Getting Patient Praze™ is the modern word-of-mouth

  • Google Reviews
  • Easy Feedback
  • Training
  • Praze Trust Badges™
  • Dashboard Insights
  • A+ Onboarding
  • Praze Trust Pack™
  • Proven Process
  • Modern Online Presence
  • Easy Implementation
  • Unlimited support
  • Maximize Reviews


Learn how the most profitable oral surgeons use trust to drive new patient flow and increase revenue.